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Evaporative Air Cooler

Introducing the latest technology in evaporative air cooler fan developed for the stable and the horse well being.

More powerful, quieter and with a very strong cooling capabilities.

Thanks to our specially designed honeycomb cooling pad placed on 3 sides of the device, combined with a powerful fan and a strong water flow and the possibility to add ice, we have reached a new limit in cooling effect.

4 in 1 fonctions

  • Air cooler

  • Fan

  • Air filter

  • Humidifier

The polyvalence of the fan allows you to use it in almost every situation :​

  • In front of each stall for a horse by horse solution

  • In the barn isle for a general cooling

  • In the clubhouse

  • On a terrace or under a gazebo

  • By the cross tie while you prepare the horse ot to help him coll of after training or even dry after the shower.

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All Review


The most powerful fans I ever used, my horses love them!


Being good looking and quiet, I can place them at any part of my property.


The triple filter is incredibly helpful in purifying  the air from California wildfire.

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